Walking By Faith, Not Fact

UNIVERSITY SETTLES LAWSUIT WITH SCIENTIST FIRED AFTER HE FOUND SOFT TISSUE IN DINOSAUR BONES (See story link below) Let's look at some observations concerning this article and an application to life for us to consider. 1. The scientific community is not an unbiased group of intellectuals searching for the truth no matter the outcome. The leaders are pushing an agenda and silencing dissent. A good documentary on this is "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed" with Ben Stein.

2. Genuine discoveries from observational science continue to confirm the message of the Bible instead of disproving it as many claim. I am thankful to Ken Ham for the terms "observational science" and "historical science". They have been a great help in clarifying a believer's stance on the Bible and science.

3. The battle is not between faith and science, but between two opposing belief systems, that is, between faith in God and faith in man. Evolutionists walk as much by faith as any religious person. Which leads me to the application:

While the Bible and observational science are not in conflict, neither is science the basis for our acceptance of Creation. Think about the words in the following verse:

Hebrews 11:3 Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.

As Christians, our confidence in creationism comes from God's statements that He created the world, not from any amount of evidence, even if that evidence is from genuine, observational science. Let me give you some reasons this is important.

First, if your faith is in the scientific evidences, then your faith will be strong or weak depending on the outcome of the latest debate. The problem is that while debates can be entertaining to watch, they are often more about scoring points through rhetoric than through logic and facts. "Winning" a debate is determined more by speaking skills than by being right on the issue. The winner isn't necessarily the person who is right, but the person who comes up the the best sound bite.

This is also the reason that creation/evolution debates aren't the best way to evangelize the lost, or convince them of the truthfulness of the Bible. Even if someone is swayed by a presentation of facts, their faith will falter as soon as someone can come up with an even more persuasive presentation. A friend and I discussed this point years ago right after the famous debate between Bill Nye and Ken Ham. My friend lamented that Dr. Ham did not focus enough on the scientific evidence. He did not believe the unsaved were helped to trust in Christ because of it. But the opposite is true. Because Dr. Ham kept the debate focused where it truly needed to be, he demonstrated that evolution is not science, but a religion. A religion that offers no hope beyond this life. Dr. Ham then powerfully contrasted that with Christianity by repeating the best line of the whole debate, "I have a book...", which does answer those questions and gives everlasting hope.

Second, a relationship with God based on proof instead of trust will be artificial, worldly and frustrating . Another key verse in Hebrews eleven is verse six:

But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. Since faith is the basis for genuine intimacy with God, a "proof" based relationship will be artificial. You can take the methods developed by the lost and put a Christian name to them and experience some reform. But you will not experience the thorough transformation that only comes from God's direct power. Lacking genuine intimacy with God typically leads to seeking the feeling of intimacy. That is why American Christianity is so worldly. We have had our emotions trained by the music and entertainment industry of a wicked, anti-God culture. So now we slap a "Christian" coating on it and use it to work up our feelings to "worship" God.

That is also why so many are frustrated by their walk with God. Hebrews eleven lists many people who experienced miracles as a result of exercising faith, but there are others who did not. They were sawed in half, tortured without deliverance and homeless, yet they still were strong in their relationship with God. Why? Because their trust in God wasn't based on whether "it worked" or not. They believed God was good, loving and merciful even when every bit of physical evidence pointed against it. It is the same reason Job could bless the name of the Lord even after losing everything, including his health! (Job 1:22 & 2:10) If your relationship with God is based on proofs, then when those "proofs" aren't there, your heart will question, doubt, and possibly even turn from God completely.

Genuine science will always confirm the truth of the Bible because the Author of the Bible is the Creator of this world. Nevertheless, our security does not come from our knowledge of the "evidence", but from our faith in God. We walk by faith, not fact.

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